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6 Reasons to Think Twice Before You Buy That House

Home buyers, we’re here to help! If you’re suffering from a case of buyer’s remorse at any stage before your
contingencies are removed, list out the things that come to mind when you
fantasize about backing out of the deal. If your list contains any of the
following items, express your concerns to your spouse or co-buyer and your
agent. Then, consult with your mind and your heart about whether you’re ready
to move forward - or not.

1. It’s too expensive. If you’re buying a house in 2013, it’s completely
understandable to have a moment of panic at the sound of the price you’re
paying or the sight of all those zeros. It’s a big purchase you’re making,
possibly the biggest one you ever will, and those who enter

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Even if you can’t wait to live in your new house, curb your
enthusiasm and resist the urge to cram all your possessions in any way into

  1. Pack one room at a time if possible, and start
    with items that are the least often used. This will help to eliminate all the
    little stuff that clutters your house.

  2. Write down a list of everything you are packing.
    Books, CDs, Movies, clothes, etc. Also, make sure you label all of your boxes
    so you know where to put them when you move. This will make this way easier
    when you are unloading all of your boxes. You can put boxes into rooms
    according to what they are. Ex: Kitchen, Living room, bathroom etc.

  3. Use sturdy boxes. Make sure you fill the boxes
    to the brim and seal the lid with tape. That way, you can easily
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When it comes to reducing repair and replacement costs for your property, there is no
substitute for keeping up with your monthly maintenance. Many homeowners are
familiar with the costs that can accumulate when something goes wrong
unexpectedly. Performing monthly maintenance is a great way to keep tabs on
what’s wearing and tearing quickly, as well as to keep the facets of your home
that are working well in good shape. There are many things in your home that
need monthly attention and care. By taking care of these things, you’re likely
to avoid some big headaches (not to mention bills) in the future.

Monthly Home Maintenance: Fire Safety Devices

Small monthly maintenance for your safety devices is important, and doesn't
take much time, at all. Even a small

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Spend the day on the lake!

Rent a kayak or boat with
family or friends from one of the rental companies along the lake. Other water
sports include wake boarding, parasailing, jet skiing and windsurfing. The kids
will enjoy tubing and sliding into the water on inflatable water slides.

Visit Downtown Conroe!

The downtown Historic
District is full of art galleries, theaters and live entertainment. Be sure to
check out the art galleries featuring local artists. For true bargain shoppers,
the Outlets at Conroe have over 40 stores offering name brand outlet discounts.
Enjoy a nice evening along with a dinner downtown at Villa Italia for an
upscale Italian meal before a nice night out.

Take a Hike!

Grab your backpack and
hiking boots and head out into the

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It seems like you can find
advice on “how to sell your home” everywhere you turn. But has anyone sat you
down and told you what NOT to do when you want your home to sell?

Let’s take a look at some
basic points important to achieve a successful sale.

  • More and more people have
    severe allergies to scented candles or plug in air fresheners so please be
    careful as to how much you scent your home. People might also suspect why you
    are “scenting” your house so much.

  • Also, don’t let this be
    your time to be all Green because this means leaving the lights on for
    showings. Visiting agents and potential clients won’t know where all the light
    switches are so it might make for an awkward first impression. Let your buyers
    walk in and have an amazing first impression.
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Lake Conroe Now offers a beautiful, powerful and intuitive map search, with multiple searching capabilities.  You have the option to specify your Lake Conroe home search criteria, and then searching for all homes that meet your criteria within a certain radius.  Or, if you prefer, you can draw a more specific area using our polygon tool, so you only get results in the exact communities you are interested in, no matter what the shape!  We have also built in the capability to mouse over each home on the map to get a preview of the important home features before proceeding on to the more comprehensive detailed property page.  If you are looking to buy a home in the Lake Conroe area, look no further!  
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Fish Eye Effect

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Go big or go home."?  Well, pun intended, but that just doesn't apply here.  As Realtors, it is ingrained in our DNA to impress.  We want our listings to appeal to anyone and everyone, and sometimes we can get a little overzealous trying to make our listings stand out from the rest.  In the long run, it is always more important to focus on accuracy and honesty when painting that important online picture of your home.  

Whether it's an over the top property description that's too good to be true, the dreaded fish-eye effect, or just a good wide angle lens, if the scale and magnitude of a home is greatly exagerated, it can turn away buyers that would have otherwise kept your home on their short list.  With over 90% of

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Jennifer Moriarty HebertThe 2011 numbers are in and for the second time, our own Jennifer Moriarty Hebert was the Top Producing Agent for the Highest Producing Real Estate Team in Montgomery County!  With $1.5 Million more than the next highest Agent, Jennifer also recieved a Top Production award from the Houston Association of Realtors, and was the 2nd highest Producing Sales agent in the entire Lake Conroe area, selling more home volume than any other individual agent!

We are extremely proud of Jennifer and her growing success.  

If you would like to know a little more about Jennifer, just visit her profile page by clicking on her picture.  Or give her a call!  (936) 232-2037

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Interest Rates are at all time lows, Mortgage companies are starting to talk about loosening regulations, so right now is the perfect time to start searching for your dream home!  One of my favorite communities in the Lake Conroe area is the Teaswood Subdivision.  It is a beautiful, upscale, gated community with large, heavily wooded lots and nice luxury homesites, all tucked less than a minute away from some very fast-growing commercial areas, featuring storefronts, restaurants, and much more!  Feel free to browse the current Homes for Sale in Teaswood as well as any vacant Lots currently available in Teaswood.  For more in depth Teaswood community information, click on the image above!

Teaswood Homes for Sale

Teaswood Lots for Sale

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Many people assume that they can always find a better deal when purchasing a foreclosure than they can when buying a standard resale or new construction home.  Although this can certainly be true in many situations, it is not always the case and sometimes a foreclosure just isn't meant for you.  Please read below for a little clarification about buying foreclosure homes, to help decide if a bank-owned property should be your focus.

Foreclosure Pros:

  • Low Prices & Better Deals - Foreclosures often seem to be priced lower than other resale property, because banks tend to price their foreclosures competitively from the beginning in order to move the property sooner rather than later.  Over time, most banks and foreclosure entities will lower their price
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